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Condition assessment, inspection, oral examination, treatment plan, panoramic X-ray | 12.000 Ft 

OP panoramic X-ray diagnostic | 6.000 Ft

Full X-ray diagnostic for orthodonics | 6.000 Ft


Oral hygiene

Ultrasonic tartar removal, polishing, oral hygiene training | 20.000 Ft  

Teeth Cleaning with polishing | 8.000 Ft 

Aesthetic treatments

Teeth whitening at home (splint + whitener) | 50.000 Ft

Whitening in the office | 65.000 Ft 

Inner whitening of discolored teeth | 20.000 Ft 

Conservative treatments

Composite inlay | 44.000 Ft 

Ceramic inlay | 66.000 Ft

Composite filling    

  1 surface | 15.000 Ft

  2 surface | 18.000 Ft

  3 surface | 20.000 Ft

Cervical filling | 13.000 Ft

Chipped tooth repair, direct composite| 20.000-30.000 Ft

Indirect ceramic veneer | 60.000 Ft

Root canal treatment (dental excavation, medicated root canal filling, instrumental measurement, mechanical dilation) | 20.000 Ft

Root canal filling with a special device (depending on the canal, measured with an instrument):

1 canal | 15.000 Ft 

2 canals | 20.000 Ft

3 canals | 25.000 Ft

4 canals | 30.000 Ft

Root pin reconstruction | 20.000 Ft

Fibreglass splinting of moving teeth |  30.000 Ft

Dentures (crowns, bridges)

Temporary plastic crown, bridge part | 3.000 Ft

Metal ceramic crown, bridge part (Nickel free)| 40.000 Ft

Zirconia-ceramic crown, bridge part | 66.000 Ft

Removable dentures

Complete dentures with plastic teeth (per jawbone)| 150.000 Ft

Nickel free metal dentures (with staples)| 190.000 Ft

Nickel free metal dentures (with 2 hidden fine mechanical fasteners)| 220.000 Ft


Pediatric dentistry

Consultation, examination| 10.000 Ft 

Fissure sealant | 8.000 Ft

Baby tooth extraction | 8.000-15.000 Ft

Baby tooth filling | 10.000 Ft -15.000 ft

Fluoridation, taking care of accidental tooth damage | 10.000 Ft

Oral surgery

Tooth, root removal| 15.000-25.000 Ft 

Removal of an affected tooth (eg wisdom tooth) by surgical excavation | 25.000-30.000 Ft

Root apex resection | 30.000 Ft


ICX, Noris implant (surgery, implant, stitches removal, relief, gum contouring) | 140.000 Ft

Nobel implant (surgery, implant, stitches removal, relief, gum contouring) | 190.000 Ft

Possible bone replacements, sinus lift surgery fee + cost of materials 80.000 Ft-tól


Consultation| 5.000 Ft

Design fee (imprints, panorama and full X-ray, treatment plan, photo documentation) | 25.000 Ft

Removable appliances | 65.000-90.000 Ft

Fixed metal appliance per tooth arch (depending on type) |

150.000 -190.000 Ft

Aesthetic device per tooth arch (depending on type)|

200.000-250.000 Ft

Pitts 21 premium American orthodontic system per dental arch | 300.000 Ft

Removal and retention device | 70.000 Ft


Closed curettage | 6.000Ft/fog

Closed curettage | 18.000Ft/kvadráns

Open curettage | 20.000Ft/fog

Open curettage | 40.000Ft/kvadráns+csontpótló anyag ár

Covering gingival recession with own connective tissue | 40.000 Ft

Gummy smile correction with crown extension | 50.000 Ft

Fibreglass splinting of moving teeth | 30.000Ft (szemfogtól- szemfogig)

Tight gingival widening with own connective tissue next to implant| 25.000Ft

Preventive treatments

Maternity package| 35.000 Ft

(screening test and oral hygiene advice, cleaning a total of 3 times)

Familiarization of young children with the office, habituation, consulting| 6.000 Ft

Preschooler package | 15.000 Ft

(screening test, consulting, fluoridation, brushing practices 2 times)

Student package | 15.000 Ft

(screening test, consulting, fluoridation, plaque staining 2 times)

Oral hygiene education | 15.000 Ft

(individualized education, with plaque staining, consulting, cleaning)

Orthodontic package | 30.000 Ft

(tartar removal, cleaning, fluoridation for braces wearers 3 times)

*It is also possible to pay with a credit card and health insurance cards in our office.



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