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Dr. Ferenc Zsolt Németh

Periodontist specialist


I graduated from the University of Pécs in 2011 with a degree in dentistry and passed the Periodontology exam in 2014. I started to be interested in Periodontology when I saw how a close relationship can develop between the doctor and their patient. The majority of periodontal diseases do not consist of just a single treatment like dental filling, but is a close collaboration between the doctor and their patient often lasting a lifetime. The doctor creates an environment (tartar and plaque-free) typical of a healthy oral cavity which the patients try to maintain as much as possible in their home with the help of dental care methods that require time and a lot of invested energy. Usually every six months or in the case of severe aggressive periodontal disease every 3 months a control examination is required, in case of unsatisfactory cleaning, the removal of tartar is repeated.

I have been practising dentistry in private practices since 2014. primarily the two pillars of conservative dentistry: the care of patients with periodontal disease and conservative dental procedures.

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